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Vulernability assessment and agroecosystem mapping


Work Package (WP1) will assess the current situation in Odisha and Assam states with regard to vulnerability of smallholders and agriculture to climate and economic changes, and the impact on FNS. It will systematically review and synthesize the literature to get a good understanding of the current situation, and vulnerability of smallholders to climate and economic changes in the selected project areas. At the same time, analyze the challenges smallholders face, gaps, and the opportunities for their increased livelihoods in the future. In addition, primary data sources will also be used in WP1 to plan and carry out various tasks in other WPs. Existing databases, farmer experiences/narratives/stories, grey literature sources and inputs from consortium partners in the respective states will be used. The WP will also analyze the role of gender and mainstreaming gender in addressing FNS and rural development. WP1 will provide a point of entry to all the WPs in the project.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway/ the Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi