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Climate-smart agriculture technologies/Agriculture- Ecology system validation


Work Package (WP2) will carry out farmer-led Climate-smart Agriculture( CSA) technology validation and F2F knowledge exchange. It will introduce evidence-based CSA technologies, including AE farming systems through on-farm demonstration in the different AE zones/case study areas, testing and validation of different AE farming options, and further promote F2F knowledge exchange. In Assam, all activities in the two project sites will be implemented by AAU. In Odisha, NRRI will implement the activities in Cuttack and OUAT in Ganjam. During the technology adoption, a control group in the nearby villages will be established to compare the rate of adoption in project villages. DAFE to provide control environment during the project phase to test out climate smart proven models and the scope for the project to capitalize on such prospective space.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway/ the Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi